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Home Health Check service available.

Digital Property Inspection

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Home Surveys Done Online, By Yourself, At Your Own Pace.

Affordable Home Health

Only £17.00 - A fraction of the Cost and with NO Surveyor in your Home. This could be the best £17.00 you have ever spent.

Online Survey

The Only and Unique completely online survey for Domestic House Surveys in the UK giving you critical and essential information without massive spend.

Mobile App

Fully online and supported by Mobile Android and Apple Apps and backed by Machine Learning and AI algorithms.

Unlocking Well-Being

Your Home's Health impacts your Family's Health, Life, Mental State, Happiness and Finances.


Protecting Your Loved Ones: The Impact of Damp and Mould on Family Health

Having your children and loved ones sleep or live in rooms with damp and mould can cause serious health problems. Knowing how to prevent it could save your family from becoming ill.

Empowering Tenants: The Influence of an Approved Home Report

Having an approved and legitimate report on the state of your home can also help in forcing Landlords to take your complaints and situation seriously and to take action. You no longer have to live in the poor conditions.


Energy Efficiency Unveiled: Your Guide to a Leak-Free, Efficient Home.

Knowing how much energy your house is leaking and where and why lets you take steps to reduce those large and stressful energy bills. Getting recommendations from skilled experts in how to stop the leaks not only decreases your energy bill but improves your comfort.

Expert-Backed Property Assessment: Your Comprehensive Guide to Home Improvement

Prepared, supported, backed and quality checked by long standing experts in the field you get a full report on your property along with recommendations for improvements.


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